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Welcome to the forum. Great place and lots of help here.

About your GPS. I do not own a Lowrance unit, but I have had a few others. It sounds like you did not get a manual with your GPS unit when you bought the boat. I am going to guess that the settings on your GPS were reset to factory settings when you installed the new software/chart. Many GPS units have setting for what I will call screen clutter. You can usually set the depth for the different colors/shades, i.e. the unit will use a different color where the water is less than 25 feet deep or deeper than 150 feet (25 and 150 are used for example, you set them where you want them). The Nav aids and depth marks are usually configurable as well. I have units that allow for different densities of depth marks as well. I suggest you play with all the menu items and see what they do. You might try the Lowrance web site for a manual as well.:toast

While not my first post, this is my first post to the new forum site. I will have to get used to this new editorfeel.:letsdrink
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