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got my fish finder totaly done today and took the first test trip and i brought 2 rods to troll woth for the heck of it one had a stretch 20 and the other was a big pearl color rapala. well im trolling around watching the bottom machine and i see a big fish so i just hope it hits and right then my dfad calls asking how it is doing so we finish talking like 10 secs later and as soon as i hang up the one rod goes off screaming. so i make shure the hooks set and start bringing in the other rod with the stretch. fight hin for a while and get him up yak side and its another monster bull red
so im all hyped up and realize i didnt bring any pliars and hes got it way back there(not swallowed) just way back there
and there just happens to be a boat somewhat close to me so i call and wave them over and ask them if they have any pliars i frogot mine and with my luck they didnt have any
so i find the only boat in the sound without a pair of pliars so they wish me luck and go off so i call my dad back and he says he will bring a pair down so i start the 10 min paddle to shore(i was almost half way out in the sound) so i get to shore and the needle nose arent long enough
so i get the front set of trebles out and use the lure to pop out the back pair and after around5-6 mins hes rapala free. i put him back in the water (he was not out of the water the whole time i was trying to get the hooks out)and start moving him back and forth and after only about 30 secs he pulls free and swims off. i guess the next thing i need to get for the yak is a camera.
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