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Well, Diggety and my buddy Mike hit the surf today. We went to the exact same spot inprevious caught 12 Pompano with my wife.

First, it was awesome to hang out with these men and talk about work, life, and hope for some fish.

We also ate some words. First, at about 9:00am I told these men that, “I have never lost a fish right up by the beach before and can’t understand how that happens.”

At 10:25am we get the first fish on and I lose a big Pompano (probably a record....) right up by the beach. A dang wave made my line go slack and the Pompano got off on the beach and went free!

We had a few bumps after that in a couples hours but no fish, everyone was weary and ready to leave. Mike said, “I know, when I leave Tony is going to text me with a Pompano he caught.”

Well, we ate our words again and yes, everyone left and only 1 fish was caught. I added the sand message “sorry” by This 12 incher as my way of acknowledging the words we ate again.

Overall, I don’t care that we didn’t catch our limits, it was awesome to hang out and get to know each other. These men love their families, their wives, and strive to serve the Lord. Those are traits I very much admire.


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