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good night time fishing spots near pensacola? ??

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Trying to go night time fishing now all I caught today was bunch of pin fish?? Any ideas please??
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Nit understanding where???
3MB, Sikes, and Garcon

Bar none the best places as far as consistency
There are no spots to fish in Pensacola, especially at night.
3MB anchor under the lights. Use those pins for bait..
You can anchor up & use pins or whatever bait you want, but if you want to catch a lot more reds (& larger ones), artificials are the way to go! Work the bridge until you find the fish. They're easy to see if they're within the first 3' of the surface in the lights too, so be ready to throw out in front of the ones you see cruising the light strip.
Unfortunately not on a boat haha posted in wrong forum but I'll be giving her a try off the pier it's self. Now I'm just trYing to find a ride over their from base
Appreciate all the help guys
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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