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good day

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well we (meand northern pike)started out at 5:30 when we got to the pass it was 1-2 we hit a few numbers we got off the net but we couldn't pick up anything on the bottom, so we went on to some other numbers and fished we ended up with 1 legal aj it was 39 inches and 26 pounds it was also my first aj ever and one bonita but it was a beautiful day and on the way in the seas layed down to nothing i don't really know what to say but the dive boat h2o below i don't mind if dive boats or even other boats get around while i am fishing but when you circle the other boat and run through the chum slick people do not appreciate it i am not sure if you are a member on here or not. i am a diver myself i know divers won't bother the fish but boats running through the chum slick and boats motoring around the area for 10 or 15 minutes do get fish spooked a little bit


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not bad for a ******* and a canadian.... thanks for the invite.
not bad for a ******* and a canadian... thanks for the invite...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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