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Guys, you will notice a Google ad strip on the bottom of the pages now. This is just a test for me to see how the ads are displayed and work with this forum. I may leave it there if the ads kind of fit in to the site but no one needs to click on them unless they want to. I have been doing some research and just by having it there and with the amount of page views the site has, it is possible that it could generate some income to help get more PFF gear. Since I have to upfront the cost of these items, it would be nice to be able to pay for it with income that the site has generated. My intentions are to get long sleeve shirts, beer huggies and so on. I also want to look into getting some more stickers, visors and other items that you have requested.

This is not an attempt to pad my pocket and no one needs to click on anything. It's simply a way for me to get some cash flow to let me wife buy PFF gear. It also would allow me to give the PFF gear away as prizes and so on since it will have been paid for verses coming out of my pocket.

Hope you guys understand! I know I have said the site would remain "Advertisement Free" and I don't really think this little banner at the way bottom the the pages plays into that too much.
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