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I bought one this summer and love it. I Have a 1995 5hp merc 2 stroke on it and it moves it along pretty good. It takes me about18 minutes to drive from destin across the bay to Eglin AFB on a nice day. You definitly needsomeone sitting up front, the lighter of the two of you, to get it to plane out good. Idon't go much by myself because it takes so long to get anywhere.I put a fishfinder onmine and it works really good. They are unbelievably stable. My buddy and I switch out driving all the time so I can get up front and stand up and throw the cast net. Never once tipped it over (Knock on wood). I have a couple more things i would like to do to it, but I am happy for now. I would love to get a big boat, but it will be a long time before I get rid of this one, maybe never. Good luck to you.
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