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Getting back in the game

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been out fly fishing and want to get back into it again. When I do fly fish, it's with a 10' 7# orvis and wf8f line and I usually run some streamer or egg pattern off of there for steelhead. However, I want to get a new outfit for just trout. I want to be able to dead drift nymphs in a two fly rig with an amnesia butt section for bite detection. And I will probably rarely use an indicator. Also I would like to throw some dries as well when there's a good hatch going on. So, I'm looking at something in the 9' 4 or 5# area. Does that sound about right? I'll mostly fish smaller water like the Mckenzie, smaller stretches of the willamette and some other small coastal streams. I need as much help as possible. I have never really gone out and targeted just trout via fly. Thanks guys!

Also any rod recommendations would be nice! I saw the lamiglas X11 and some cheaper redingtons and tfo's at sportsmans today. I don't really want to get into very expensive equipment just for trout
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