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Gear for sale

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Penn 12/0 sold

Penn 9/0 sold

Penn 6/0 sold

Penn 4/0 sold

Large cobia net sold

Penn longbeach 68 sold

Costas Fathoms orange frames with green glass lenzes, lenzes are new, just got replaced under warranty. sold

Us divers BC sold

I also have lots of rods in various sizes, let me know if you are looking for something

I will try and get some pics up soon


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I have most of the stuf at my house, so any time after work is fine. I live in Navy Point. I plan on taking the stuff to the Marine Flea Market, so it can be seen there. The stuff I don't have is at my Grandmothers house in N. Alabama. My cousin is suposto be bringing it down with him Friday.


sent you a pm
looking for a 706z ? also lookingfor a king rod
updated. lowered some prices
in how good of shape are the costa frames? If they are in good shape I'll buy them.
I would give them a 8-9 on a 10 point scale. Thay are at my shop if ya wann see them


If you don't mind waiting till Friday I'll swing by......I'll even throw in an extra 5 for you I just gotta make sure they fit my big ol' head
I'll hold em for ya.


Hey I went to GBBT and tried on a pair of the fathoms and they were too small for big melon........sorry bro.
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</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>I won't be on the internet for the next few days and didn't want you to reply and not get an answer from me.Is this offer acceptable? Its your full asking price offered 3 hours ago.
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i am looking to add a station in my tower need helm and dual controls
All of thhis lot was sold. I do have quite a few reels for sale as well and a whole bunch of rods.


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