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Even though Gator hunting is still at full throttle, If your a deer hunter, you need to be planting food plots,puting up deer stands, shooting houses, and clearing roads and shooting lanes. The problem? It sure makes it tough to pay the mortgage at the end of month. I scheduled a couple of days this week to put up a shooting house and clear lanes and food plots. That doesn't leave time for other extacrurricular activities. But when the stars line up and the weather is right for Gator hunting, ya gotta go!!!! and that is exactly what Dewayne and I did last night. I've got a couple of monster Gators I just can't get off my mind. I've had both of them on 2 times each, and by brute force and massive weight have managed to get away every time. At first I tryed to blame it on rookies in the boat or rookie mistakes. But last night, We went prepared! Dewayne has caught a couple of 400lb + 11 footers with me. So experience was in the boat, But as fate would have it, 500 + lbs of brute force won out over experience. Thats three times i've lost to that Gator. It's starting to affect my psyche. The night wasn't a total loss, we did manage to catch two fine gators. We caught an 8'5" gator. We entered a slough and after carefully shining it We determined there were no gators. We decided to stop and eat a bite. After 10 minutes a gator exploded beside the boat when he came up for air and found us still there. The water was about four feet deep, and as the gater crawled on long the bottom air bubbles would rise to the sufface. Leaving a trail to where the gator was. All we had to do was troll aolong side the trail untill he stoped and we got over him. A harpoon found its mark in the base of his tail. The 9 1/2 footer was in a fast flow, sand bottom, shallow creek. Gators don't like areas like that. so we knew he was passing through. Sand dosen't release air, so we couldn't find him that way, but there was a log that laid across 3/4 of the creek. The gator had to come though that funnel point. The water was flowing to fast to put a bait in the water, so we laid it on the end of the log and backed off behide some bushes. We had him in less than 30 minutes. frustrating, but great night of gator hunting!!!!


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