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Gator hunt 9/28/07

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Went back out with FNG...Joe Mastrangelo, had a real good time as usual and got another gator. Didnt hardly get away from the ramp and found this guy that hasnt been out to play lately! Thanks Joe!

Joe taped him roughly at 8' 7". If I could have messed up once or twice more it would have been pretty dadgum funny but in the end we got him!
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awesome pics...that reminds me..getting a gator is on my things to do list...thanks
Nice Gator. I'm glad I got my 2 tags out of the way during the 1st season. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep!

How about a location on the harvest? Bay,Esc River, Yellow River?

Great pic's!!!:clap...that looks like alot of fun:toast
Sweet, I havent done that in years!!!!

What's up Mike! Haven't had a chance to call but will soon! It was VERY fun! We hunted the Escambia river area.
YEAHP....JUST LIKE THE GATORS....Getting their ass whooped and all tied up in knots.:clap
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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