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I have a Tri Tronics Pro 200 G3 dog collar for sale. I had a problem with my old collar, sent it in for repair and then they offered a new system at a discount. This was over a year and a half ago and I've used this one maybe three or four times since then. Sailor is too old to hunt, much less train, and this has been sitting in my garage on the charger. The is like new and includes a holster for the transmitter. This package is on ebay for over $400 new. I'm asking $275 obo. I'm working in Pensacola, but live in Mary Esther, so can meet either place. If you are into training your dog for hunt tests, this is the one to have. I'd like to keep it for my next dog, but that's going to be awhile and I need the $ now...

Includes hard case, extra collar points (three sets total), a new collar strap, Avery transmitter holder and charger.

Steve eight 5 zero, six nine-9 one three 83

Tri-Tronics Pro 200 G3 EXP gives you 18 levels of momentary and 6 levels of continuous stimulation and a tone only setting. 1 mile range. 100% Waterproof.

  • Expands up to 3 dogs
  • 18 Levels of Momentary Stimulation
  • 6 Levels of Continuous Stimulation
  • Tone Only Button
  • 1 Mile Range
  • Rapid 2 hr. charge
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