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FS Suzuki King Quad 500 4x4

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I am selling my ATV that I bought about a year ago. 2011 Suzuki King Quad 500 4x4. Automatic transmission H/L, push button 4x4, push button front diff lock, 4-wheel independent suspension, liquid cooled, POWER STEERING, double gun/bow rack on front, extended rear rack, garage kept with cover. Only has 27.4 hours and 224 miles on it (most of this was done during the break in period at half throttle). Only selling because it is not needed. Paid $10,000 1 year ago ASKING $7,000. And yes it does have a FULL tank of gas. Please send me a PM if interested.


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BUMP... This is a ASKING price
BUMP... This is a ASKING price
What is selling price.... I thought about selling my 2011 Polaris but its cheaper to keep it. You cant get your money back in an ATV usually not even close, but good luck.....
If I wanted my money back I'd say $10,000 firm. It doest say firm. And I know I wouldn't get that anyway. Asking is just that-asking. Though it is pretty much new. Thanks for your input.(and a bump back to the top:))
It's a nice bike, but we don't buy them to make money... I sure hope you get what your asking for it.. It's defiantly worth it to a guy like me:thumbsup: bump!
This is an awesome show room quailty four wheeler. I've seen it first hand. Great price, wish I could afford it right now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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