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We bought this rear-projection 60" TV last August from Sam's Club for $2500.When we moved into our new house, it didn't fit our smaller living room. I mean, our couch sits 7-8' from the screen -so we'd like to sell thisone anddowngrade to a smaller. There is NOTHING wrong with this tv - no scratches, no dents, PERFECT condition!It also comes with the matching stand. The model number is Sony KDF-E60A20 if you want to google and get the exact specs on this TV. It's a greatTV especiallyfor movies and NFL games!

$1200 - You must pick it up on Eglin AFB or we may be able to deliver to FWB/Shalimar/Destin/Niceville/Valparaiso only.

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I am watching mine right now, I highly recommend this TV, it is light too. Monday night game on! $1200 is a really great price!

Yeah I have the 55" version of that tv and it is awesome!
cobia06 (11/13/2007)Is it LCD or projection? Can it be both?
Yes there is such a thing as LCD rear projection.
Yep, what he said above. It's a rear projection and LCD and HDTV with a lot of accessory hookups on it (like for DVD player, surround sound, PS2, etc).
Sale pending.. Thanks Knot and father-in-law~!
Thanks Scott and Amanda. My Father-In-Law is really enjoying his big TV. He's been wanting one for a while.
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