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Actually, I kind of like it, gets me pumped up a little bit.
If you look at some of my other vids, you'll see I'm pretty open minded as far as music goes. So to answer your question, it's just the music I felt for the day.:whistling:

All I can really say is, I'm sorry to have offended you. We are different people living in the same shared world, and I respect your opinion. I don't expect everyone in the world to agree with me or love my style, and I wouldn't want them to, that's what makes this gumbo awesome.

As for being a family oriented site..........well I don't really think this is a "family oriented" site. It's no porn site, but hey lets be honest, everybody's not in here reciting bible verses, talking about sponge bob, or earning cub scout badges either. If you think I have violated any forum rules or terms, just click the "report" link on this thread, and a moderator of the site will be alerted to take a look and reprimand or ban me if needed.

If it's just that I offend you, and you don't want to ever see anything posted by me ever again, you can add me to your "Ignore List" and you will never see any of my posts, messages, etc, ever again.
You can do this by:
Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, type CaptHarry into the empty text box and click 'Okay'
Whalllah, you will never have to see me again. :thumbup:

L8, Harry
Well said young man. I cant stand that type of music either, but I realize that many people do. Your response to his comment was decent, well thought out and in my opinion considerate. Good for you.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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