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Shark city! We managed a limit of big AJ's and one almaco in the bag, a huge King on the fly and a live LY, couldn't get to the grouper for the sharks, caught at least 20 and had 20 plus break offs, got two 6 or 7 footers to the boat and non-stop 3 and 4 footers. Left the edge and trolled south about 5 miles to try some untested numbers, could not find anything that marked up but drop the electrics down anyway in a little over 300 feet managed a dozen or so blueline tiles, and sent down the last live LY on the 50 w/ 100 mono leader and it got nail and whatever it was (guessing a wahoo or a big king) was screaaaaaaaming off the line for a couple of seconds and then cut through the leader. as we drifted and few dolphin showed up around the boat one of the guys managed one on a zara spook and another guy on a piece of cut bait and then it came un buttoned. For some reason the wanted nothing to do with the gotcha i was castin hmm.:confused1: usually they like it. might have had something to do with all the chunks of cut bait chumin the water :). anyway fun day on water just wish we didn't have to deal with as many sharks but i'm sure the Realtor would have been in hog heaven. we hooked into one i'm guess a shark, never did see it but the guy on the rod fought it at least 30 min and didn't seem like he ever made any headway gain a little and he'd take it right back, when he finally broke the line i looked at the GPS and the thing had towed us 1000 feet or more to the north and current was pushin WSW. FUN DAY with fun guys non the less, lookin forward tryin the tile fish.
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