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Shoreline fishing license is free to residents, beginning July 1</h1><p class="BodyBold">News Release</p><p class="Body">June 7, 2010
Contact: Henry Cabbage, 850-488-8843 </p><ul class="Body">[*]FAQs - Shoreline fishing license requirement[/list]<p class="Body">Theshoreline fishing license for Florida residents to catch saltwater fishfrom shore or a structure affixed to shore cost $9 last year, but thisyear it's free, beginning July 1. </p><p class="Body">The FloridaLegislature repealed the shoreline license fee during the past session.However, legislators retained the license requirement to prevent amore-costly federal registration fee from taking effect in Florida. </p><p class="Body">Residentanglers who obtain the shoreline license over the phone or Internetstill will have to pay a convenience fee to the vendor. The conveniencefee is $2.31 for Internet sales at or $3.33 for phone sales at 888-FISH FLORIDA (888-347-4356). </p><p class="Body">OnlyFlorida residents qualify for a no-cost shoreline license, and thelicense does not cover fishing from a boat or fishing from a locationor structure accessible only by boat. That requires a regularsaltwater fishing license: $17 for residents; for nonresidents the costis $17 for three days, $30 for seven days or $47 per year. </p><p class="Body">There are some exemptions for license requirements. More information is available at</p><p class="Body">
</p><p class="Body">LINK =</p><p class="Body">
</p><p class="Body">PASS IT ON AS AN FYI</p><p class="Body">-Ken Riggs
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