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My neighbor is looking to give away his old microwave oven. Yes it works fine. It is a 1979 Toshiba 1200 watt microwave he has run up until last month when his wife "pursuaded" him to upgrade. It has the fake wood paneling, works and looks fanstastic. It is manual where you dial the knob vice punch digital buttons, and there is no spinner to turn your food so you must turn it manually in the middle of cooking (as applicable). But, it's free and works just like new. It is large enough to fit a large pizza inside, and is quite heavy compared to the cheaper ones of today.

He bought this brand new (in 1979 it listed at $270), and used it until he got his new one last month, so he is the original owner. He thinks he even has all original manuals and cookbooks that came with it. All you have to do is pick it up as it's taking up room now.

If you want it, please reply here as I will go in first come first served order. No PM's please.
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