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Downloaded.... Thanks!!!!
I'll get to it after I finish the new Patterson book "Gone" that is just about gone..... and will be tonight.
Free Amazon books are great. I have downloaded and read probably 30 freebies this year so far.
If any of you like Viet Nam flying novels, the first in the Rolling Thunder series by Mark Berent is downloadable for free at There are 5 books total in the series and the other 4 are available for $3.00 each. I REALLY enjoyed the entire series much to the credit of the author who is a former USAF pilot (retired Lt. Col.) who had 3 tours in VN with 452 combat sorties and a whole bunch of medals and commendations to back it up. Flew in and out of bases where I was when I was there in 1969.
Although this series is a work of fiction, it surely has to go along with Mark's personal experiences.
If you do read some or all of these great books, post a report and let us know how you like them.
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