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Just moved here from CO a few weeks ago so I'm not quite sure what I am doing.

Hit the beach late morning on Saturday. Surf was a little rough and much cooler than last weekend (rain maybe?). Parked at the 1st lot past the ranger station.

Was using a 3-hook rig with about 2oz of weight on my big pole and 1oz on my small rod. Using week-old frozen shrimp and a few sand fleas. Got about 10 small catfish and one ladyfish that threw the hook. Had a nice guy from NY walk over and give me a few more sand fleas. Still went home with nothin'

Came back out today (second parking lot this time) with a sand flea rake and got a ton of em in the bucket. Used the same rig setup as yesterday. After about 5 catfish, one lady, and one snagged bird, I finally got a nice 15" pompano!

Tons of ladyfish schools out working the bait against the shore. I left my one lure (gotcha) at home but I wish I could have casted it out cause they were going crazy.

Thanks everyone for all the post helping nubs like me get going. Hope to go out next weekend and get a few more pomps!
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