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I'm taking my 24' pontoon boat down to the Ono Island area. Thanks to the info from this site, we had a blast going down in the spring. My Mom actually caught a 24" Flounder. Not sure if that's considered a doormat, but we were excited. We also caught a good amount of trout, and some nice Sail cats. Thanks to everyone who posts here. I'm still leery of fishing the docks at night. It sounds like fun, but when I go out on the pier at night I just think myself out of it.

Now to my question. I'm going down this Friday. When I go down, I just stick around Ono island, and maybe if the waves are calm I fish the pass. I only have a 50 hp motor, so it's not really equipped to go on any serious trips.

Would anyone think is was worth it to put the boat on the trailer, and take it down to Fort Morgan boat launch, and try to fish the pass there for some Redfish? Are the waves too bad there for a 24' pontoon (I would go on a calmer day)? Would I have any better of a chance there for reds than I would fishing the flats around Ono Island early morning?

Thanks for any input.
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