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Well many of you know that I had to replace my Hydro-Boost pump. The pump that assists both the power steering and brakes together. Such a small headache, but want to pass some information along the way, for those that do their own work.

I needed both the pump and pulley. At the moment the pulley is to be gotten only OEM. Well everything came in and I proceeded to switch parts (reservoir,Hi-Pressure line,etc). Being cautious I decided to put the pulley on BEFORE the reservoir, as the reservoir is plastic and susceptible to break. I installed the pulley, removed the old reservoir mounting bracket and installed such on the new pump. Now to attach the reservoir with new "O-Rings....OH S**t the reservoir won't go on, that is bolt up...Only one bolt will go through the bracket, the other won't as the pulley is in the way. Now what to do. So in order not to loose the integrity of the pulley on the shaft (the best fit is the first fit), I had to think of something. Removed the bracket,(the bracket is stamped metal with the "threaded nut machined into the bracket" I used my grinder to remove the "nut" and drilled out the hole the correct size. Now the bolt can go through the bracket through the reservoir and through the bracketfrom theback side. I then put a locking nut on the bolt and tightened it up. Now if ever for any reason the "O-Rings and orthe reservoir needs to be replaced, they can be doneWITHOUT removing the pump or the belt.

I got to give credit to the engineers that designed this pump and the way the attachments are installed.
they surely deserve a three finger up.
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