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""FurunoFuruno FCV 600L. Want large boat sounder capabilities on your boat? Then look no further than Furuno's color TFT LCD FCV600L. It's compact, waterproof and offers the kind of power, clarity and features normally found on larger, commercial units.
While it's small in size, this unit is packed full of state-of-the-art Furuno features. The FCV600L offers a high resolution, 5.6" color TFT LCD screen that unveils the underwater world. You may choose LF (50kHz), HF (200kHz) or both at the touch of a key and obtain detailed fish and bottom discrimination using range scales of up to 3000 feet.""

**It Includes Airmar p66 transducer transom mount. (xducer is like new) $400 OBO. DVD included(video instructions).

Standard Features

5.6 Inch Diagonal, 16 Color Active Matrix LCD
350 Watt RMS (2800 P-P) Output Power
Audible/Visual Alarms for Bottom, Fish or Changes in Surface Water Temp. *
8 Range Scales from 0-15 to 0-1,500 feet
Maximum Range Offset of 1,500 feet, Maximum Range Offset Scale of 3,000 feet
A-Scope Feature for Rapid Detection & ID of Fish & Bottom Conditions
Selectable Screen Background Colors, Including White
Nav Data Display in L/L with Display Zoom **
A Variety of User Friendly Display modes
1. Display Both High (200 kHz) and Low (50 kHz) Frequencies
2. Display Either (200 kHz) or (50 kHz) Frequency
3. Marker Zoom or Bottom Zoom Display
4. Bottom Lock Display with Fish Alarm
Alphanumeric Displays of Vessel Speed, Water Temp. & Cross Track **
Trip Odometer with Digital & Analog Display
Automatic Depth Range & Gain Settings
Depth Scale Calibration in Feet, Fathoms, or Meters
Variable Range Marker and Target Simulator
Select Fishing or Cruising Modes
Six Settings of Signal Rejection Level and Noise Limiter
10-Pin Transducer/Multisensor connection

...or you can Google it for more info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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