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For sale, I have a Pflueger President 2090 (9/10wt) reel with about 400 yards of bright orange 30lb dacron and an Orvis weight forward, 10wt intermediate "slime line." It's all brand new, I did mount the reel on a couple of rods just to feel the balance, but haven't even fished it yet.

The reel is $180. The fly line is $70. Then figure about $20 for backing... To go out and get this outfit, it would cost someone well over $250. I'll let it go for $170.

Remember, this reel has been mounted on a handful of rods, tossed around in some grass to get the feel/balance, never been fished. (Hint - TFO's bluewater series 300-400 grain rod will throw all 105' for this line with ease). This would be an ideal cobia/tarpon/king reel if paired up with a good rod. PLENTY of line to let them run.

I am firm at $170, and not interested in any trades at this time.

Thanks for looking!
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