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Following the Tradition

We who call Florida home enjoy a rich tradition of offering some of the best fishing this country has to offer.
Captain Wilson Hubbard was instrumental in the development of our sport. In 1928 young Wilson settled, with his parents, in Pass-a-Grille, Florida. At that time Pass-a-Grille housed 162 residents, a policeman, and a bootlegger. Young Wilson realized a dream when, at 17, he bought five rowboats and forty cane poles for $150.00. At a tender young age he was now in the fishing business.
In 1954 he established the first gulf coast half-day fishing head boat:

And that was just the beginning:

By this time Captain Hubbard was facing strong competition. Get them there faster and they will have more fishing time:

Make absolutely sure the fishing public knows what you have to offer:

Overnight trips to the snapper banks came with the Miss Pass-a Grill lll:

Docked with the Miss Pass-a-Grille lll was the Lucky Strike, and, along side, Joe's Tackle Box.

Note the sign next to Captain Hubbard. All day fishing trips on the Lucky Strike, a charter boat, cost $50.00.

The Lucky Strike was Captained by young Bobby Buswell. Captain Buswell went on to become one of the most highly acclaimed Tarpon fisherman the Sunshine State has ever known:

In 1976 Captain Wilson moved his entire operation to John's Pass. A true visionary, Captain Wilson Hubbard was instrumental in the building and development of John's Pass Village and the famous Boardwalk.
I remember it like it was yesterday. What a thrill sailing on the Florida Fisherman l with the man himself, Captain Wilson Hubbard, in charge:

In 2004 the next generation, Captain Wilson's son, Mark, took over as president and general manager.
Today, 'Following the Tradition' Captain Mark Hubbard's son, Captain Dylan Hubbard, is taking over:

Think the Flying Fisherman was fast? Try the Flying HUB:

Today, in addition to the Flying HUB, the Marina has two modern day head boats.

And the state of the art... FLORIDA FISHERMAN ll:

The thrill of hearing the Florida's two massive CATS come to life sends chills through one and all:

Birthdays are BIG on the Florida Fisherman ll. Yesterday, Tammy; today, Captain Mark Hubbard:

Captain Wilson Hubbard enjoyed a time with a great deal of competition but, compared to today, little fishing pressure. Now, with Florida's population of over 21 million, pressure is heavy. Is fishing still good? are we still, 'Following the Tradition' established ever so well by Captain Wilson Hubbard? Let's take a look.
Sunday, December 29, 2019:

During the mid seventies the Florida Middle Grounds had NO American Red Snapper. Today it's often hard to get away from them:

Can huge Gag Grouper still be caught? Well!

Looks like the sharks are still as hungry as ever:

Can Captain Mark Hubbard still teach his son, Captain Dylan, a thing or two?
Did someone say two?

Does winning the jackpot still mean BIG bucks? Well!

Thanks John & Tammy:

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Talk about, 'Following the Tradition' of being involved:

Involved not just today, but yesterday:

And tomorrow. Together we can make 2020 even better.
We who call Florida home enjoy a rich tradition of offering some of the best fishing this country has to offer.

Catch the video of the 12/19/19 trip:

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