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Just wanted to say that, wherever the flounder are, they are NOT near the pass nor are they on the north side of National Seashore of Gulf Breeze.

I tried pickens shoreline on Monday night with JJAM and saw a whopping 2 flounder (too small).

I tried north shore of National Seashore (behind taco bell) in Gulf Breeze on Tuesday night 10/6with choppedliver and gigged a single flounder that was 12 1/2 inches...... Thought I was gonna have to put him back. He barely made it.

I guess it is back to the brackish water again. I would have thought for sure they would have been enough out there to do better than that.....

Moon was full. It was choppy on Monday night. Might have contributed to poor showing that night. Had to throw out an anchor and let it drag behind me just to slow down our drift! Weatherman lied (when do they ever tell the truth???) Wind was 100% west, supposed to have been sw.

It was dead calm behind the taco bell last night. Beautiful conditions, clear water, but no fish.

I guess I will go and scratch my head over it for awhile. I have not seen anyone else posting any pics of gigged flounder lately, so I suspect it is slow for everyone.
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