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I agree The State of Florida S -- for the way they treat the recreational Fisherman, I have been trying to get a reef in my Fathers Name since he pasted away in March of this Year, I Called David Waters about a reef That Is Suppose to be " FLORIDA APPROVED" but Can"t put IT In Florida State Waters So How Can IT be FLORIDA APPROVED???? David Even Called Robert T and asked Him about It , The only thing He Could come up with Is He Is trying to get something Approved So we can Put Art Reefs within a Mile of the Beaches in State Water,s, All I am trying to do Is Help Put Something Out In the Gulf to Attract more fish , I Fish for the Sport of It I have Fished all year long and have had some good fishing trips,But as Of Today I have Not taken one Fish Home to eat , And Every Fish I returned to the sea Swam Away,I just would like to know Why The State of Florida would turn down someone spending Their own hard earned money to help Us all Out???? I Just don't Get It!!!!! I am stupid Or WHAT:banghead:banghead:banghead:banghead
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