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The revenue from these sales contribute only a verrrry tinnny bit to the economy of escambia County or the state of Florida and employment.

For the life of me, I don't see why the County and state does not step in and force some changes in favor of the recreational fishermen. We no longer need new boat ramps in Escambia county, we need more fish "catching" opportunities. If you were toconsiderthe number of boats fishing on the short holes, then tally their catch, you would know that many of these fishermen are novices, and almost never get their limit. They do pay a hell of a lot of $$$$$ for fuel, boat, motors, trailers, bait, tackle, ice, electronics, licenses, registrations, sometimes lauching and storage fees, motor, boat and trailer maintenance and service politician's salaries and expenses!

Either the politicians,lobbists and powers that be are a. ignorant, b. do not represent the voting citizens or c.crooked as H*****LL. Even the recreational fishermen's lobbists don't seem to get a whole lot in our favor. If I knew what to do, I would do it!
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