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Good Morning,

I thought this would be of interest. It would stand to reason that the 'powers to be' would work with us and not what seems now more than ever against us to protect the 4.4 billion a year economic boon we fishermen and women provide for the State of Florida. I also think if there was anyway possible to include 'all' the other ancillary spending this figure would surely be higher.



Team Git' Down<H1 id=articleTitle>Fisherman's Paradise </H1><H4 id=articleSubTitle style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 10px">Florida ranks first in U.S. for anglers; $4.4 billion industry </H4><H3 id=storyAuthor>By MLADEN RUDMAN </H3><H3 id=storyDate>Sunday December 2nd, 2007 </H3>

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<DIV id=articleText> Federal statistics once again indicate that Florida ranks first as the place for, and of, fishermen.

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts its National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation every five years.

In the poll, Florida was ranked as having the most fishermen 16 years of age and older ? 2.8 million.

It?s also the country?s top earner of fishing dollars ? $4.4 billion in 2006, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission?s analysis of the survey. About a quarter of those expenditures were fishing tourist dollars.

The numbers didn?t surprise Mike Sanders or Glynn Gissendanner of Half Hitch Tackle in Navarre.

?Well, we have so many different types of fishing that you can do so easily,? Sanders said about local angling. ?We have real good weather. We have a long fishing year.?

?And,? added Gissendanner, ?you have the entire peninsula in Florida. If it gets too cold here, you can go to Miami, to the Keys.?

It isn?t all good news. The survey also indicated the number of anglers in Florida has dropped since 2001 from 3.1 million to 2.8 million.

Texas was second in both of the major categories. The Lone Star state had some 2.5 million folks take part in fishing last year, which generated $4.3 billion in economic impact.

Measured in terms of percentage increase in license sales, saltwater fishing in Florida is more popular than freshwater. License sales in both categories, however, are up from 2001. <DIV style="FLOAT: right"></DIV><DIV style="CLEAR: both"></DIV></DIV>

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The revenue from these sales contribute only a verrrry tinnny bit to the economy of escambia County or the state of Florida and employment.

For the life of me, I don't see why the County and state does not step in and force some changes in favor of the recreational fishermen. We no longer need new boat ramps in Escambia county, we need more fish "catching" opportunities. If you were toconsiderthe number of boats fishing on the short holes, then tally their catch, you would know that many of these fishermen are novices, and almost never get their limit. They do pay a hell of a lot of $$$$$ for fuel, boat, motors, trailers, bait, tackle, ice, electronics, licenses, registrations, sometimes lauching and storage fees, motor, boat and trailer maintenance and service politician's salaries and expenses!

Either the politicians,lobbists and powers that be are a. ignorant, b. do not represent the voting citizens or c.crooked as H*****LL. Even the recreational fishermen's lobbists don't seem to get a whole lot in our favor. If I knew what to do, I would do it!

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I agree The State of Florida S -- for the way they treat the recreational Fisherman, I have been trying to get a reef in my Fathers Name since he pasted away in March of this Year, I Called David Waters about a reef That Is Suppose to be " FLORIDA APPROVED" but Can"t put IT In Florida State Waters So How Can IT be FLORIDA APPROVED???? David Even Called Robert T and asked Him about It , The only thing He Could come up with Is He Is trying to get something Approved So we can Put Art Reefs within a Mile of the Beaches in State Water,s, All I am trying to do Is Help Put Something Out In the Gulf to Attract more fish , I Fish for the Sport of It I have Fished all year long and have had some good fishing trips,But as Of Today I have Not taken one Fish Home to eat , And Every Fish I returned to the sea Swam Away,I just would like to know Why The State of Florida would turn down someone spending Their own hard earned money to help Us all Out???? I Just don't Get It!!!!! I am stupid Or WHAT:banghead:banghead:banghead:banghead

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I am stupid Or WHAT

No, just uneducated. The State has nothing to do with it. It fall's on the Army Corp of Engineers.

Read this to become more educated on this matter.

They make the rules. It is our wish to change the rules, but as you know dealing with any government identity is a royal pain with lot's of Red tape.

The designated as of right now are shown on this map. These are legal dump site with a permit. The permit cost's $25 for each deployment [not to be confused with each reef] It's how many you can safely carry on your boat in one trip.

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