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Florida boy fishing in Grand Isle La

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We started work late at 7 and the ate breakfast at 8. After breakfast my boss disappeared and when we found him he was on a dock with a pole in hand. Sheephead were right there and hitting hard. I didn't have a pole so I ran to the local store and scooped one up ASAP. I get back and first drop on the bottom BOOM got one. Second drop BOOM. third drop Boom! I was spending more time getting the hook out their mouths then I did actually with my pole in the water. My final number was 10 with 2 I threw back because of health issues and two that got off just ass I pulled them out the water. Between myself and 4 Co workers we filled two big ice chests. The Asians next to us filled 1 chest 3 times. Now its time to eat lunch before going to clean our catch. Oh yea I don't get off till 6. Gotta love it! total count was 54!!! cleaned we filled 7 gallon size bags!!! cant wait to eat them tomorrow before the game WHO DAT!!!!!!

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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