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from WKRG:

A difference of three feet. That has been the holdup in re-building the Flora-Bama. But not anymore the Escambia County Board of Adjustments has granted a variance which means the home of the "National Mullet Toss" can start to rebuild.
What may look like an ordinary day at the Flora-Bama is anything but after a hearing at the Escambia County Courthouse. "All we want is to put restrooms in and come up to 12 foot. We knew it would cost more but we wanted to do it for future generations. We took a look at current standards in April, submitted our application in December and a month later they changed everything," says Flora-Bama co-owner Pat McClellan. That change from 12 feet to 15 feet elevation put everything on hold until a unanimous vote approved the variance and the celebration followed.
"I jumped from my easy chair and said 'Thank God' there are still some sensible people in the world." James Just is a Flora-Bama regular. He considers the lounge his second home. Ashley Adamson is a six year veteran of the roadhouse and says she has to field questions about when the Bama will rebuild, everyday. "We can finally say yes, we are going to rebuild and we are very excited."
This victory doesn't mean rebuilding will begin immediately. It could still be a while. This is the first part of a long permitting process.

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