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Flea Market?

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Are we still doing the flea market this Saturday at West Marine on Davis Highway?

Haven't seen any posts regarding it and still have the utility trailer loaded. How many of you guys are going to be there?
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I thought that was supposed to be this past Saturday - the 29th? I may have read it wrong though - VoodooLounge is the guy to ask about it from what I hear. :bowdown
Last i hear it was still on for this saturday Oct 6th.
When we canceled out due to rain, they said we were rescheduling for Oct 6, but haven't heard anything lately. Tony, is it still on? Let us know. Thanks.
Last I heard it was still on for this Saturday, Oct. 6.

I'm gonna be there with my trailer load of good, used boat stuff. Same as the last flea market, 10% of my gross sales go to the RFRA.

West Marine has a flyer out saying the 6th, saw it last weekend:doh:doh
The sign in front of WEST MARINE sez Oct. 6.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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