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Tried to take a short afternoon trip to the beach (Destin) with the family, soaked some cut bait there for 30 minutes with not even a nibble, and my 2oz pyramids getting pushed right back to shore.

Eventually the rip currents were a no-go so I moved us to a leeward shoreline on the north side of the Choctawhatchee Bay. The water was significantly clearer than I had expected, and conditions surprisingly calm given the whitecaps and swells visible while crossing the mid-bay bridge. Fish were tailing in the water, but I don't think they were reds. Most likely trout or some kind of spotted gar. Wasn't expecting much of a bite given the rain and wind messing with the water so I was using some frozen cut menhaden to get the wife and kid on some cats. That, and I couldn't catch a single thing in the castnet. :mad:

Got a few cats and SOMEHOW my wife caught this 23" speck on bottom-rigged... frozen... cut, small pieces of menhaden. Blew my mind. These trout must be starving to be digging through the weed covered bottom for stinky old cutbait. Either way, it was her first catch of something besides a catfish, in months so it made our day, and delicious dinner! :D

While letting my bottom-rigs soak, I tried tossing out a mirrolure, fluke rigged weedless, and chartreuse spinner with no hits but did have a few big swirls right by the lures. If I had taken the kayak I probably could've gotten into some decent numbers for specks. The water calmed down enough to see some good oily slicks like I'd see in the morning when they're feeding. Flipper even came by chasing down his dinner. Just got to get out there and take advantage of those few hours we get between the storms.
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