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Went out on thursday. Hit some various bridge rubble spots and then ended with the Russian freighter. We had pretty marginal results. Limited on AJ (all pretty small), Prob 6-8 black snapper, and 5 grouper. We went to the same spot that produced countless number of big grouper and black snapper just one week ago, but was pretty emtpy this trip. I never really understand how the same spot can be holding so many fish one day and be desolate on the next.

Surprisingly, many of the grouper were taken off from the freighter. That is not a joke, there are witnesses. None of them were very big, but there were definately more visible grouper on the freighter than we saw in the deep water.

Water conditions were 1-2 ft for the first part of the day and then less than 1 ft for the ride home.

Hope this helps. Yall have a good week

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