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Spring is defiantly over with temps reaching 100 degrees the past few days; I can officially say that summer has arrived. I’ve been doing more flats fishing the past 6 weeks. Many trips have been in upper Escambia Bay & Blackwater Bay and I’ve been catching a lot of trout, some big and some small, but it’s not the size it’s all about having fun. I’ve also been down near the beach on the flats in both Big Lagoon and Santa Rosa Sound and the speck bite there is really picking up.

I grew up fishing for bass back in Indiana and I only used artificials. This season, I’m trying to use this same strategy here. I’ll still be fishing the pass and gulf from time to time with live baits when my clients want to go out, but when they want to fish strictly with artificals, I’ll happy to show them some great inshore fishing. I will use a variety of lures on my charters from hard baits to soft plastics, including MirrOlure, Sebile, Gulp, & Bass Assassin.

It’s been very hot the past few days and it has affected the fishing a little. I’ve found that to get the strikes, you will need to slow down your presentation. Whether you are using a Gulp or a suspending twitch bait, work it a little slower and you’ll hook a few more fish. Typically you would use a slower presentation when it’s cold out, but when the weather gets this hot so early, the fish haven’t had the chance to acclimate, and they sometimes like a slower presentation. Remember to always have a top-water plug tied on, because everyone enjoys a good top-water bite.

I’ve also been fishing the pass a few times over the past few trips and we’ve caught some big reds. Baits used were Mann’s swim baits on a 1oz jig head and medium pinfish on a Carolina rig.
I’ve got a few more trips lined up, and I’ll write up another report in a few days.
It’s getting hot out so remember to take breaks and drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.
Till the next adventure…

Here are some pictures of my past trips.

Marcos with a gator 22” speck

Mason with a nice 17” speck.

Tony with whopper 25” speck caught with a Paul Brown MirrOlure.

Tony with a 30” red caught on a Mann’s swim bait on a 1oz jig head. After a quick picture the fish was released back to be caught another day.

Alex had a great day hooking speck after speck, and here he is with a 17” Speck.

Tight Lines.
Capt. John
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