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went out on sunday, didn't do much should have brought some live bait, but the amberjack were there. me and a friend played with a few of them. didn't get any legal ones though(mainly because my buddy "not a big guy at all" got totally owned by them and of course i just stood there and laughed my #@% off.") but they marked up very well just circleing abouve the reck. tried to get them chummed up to the top but the dophin showed up and messed up the mojo. someone showed up with some butterfly jigs, but they didn't have any luck and i couldn't jig mine up either. they just wanted something live but got convinced into eating a dead menhaden every now or then.

do have a question, i did haul a white trout all the way out there but no takers. something mouthed it once and just killed it but it sat down on the bottom for about a hour before that. just wondering it there anyone has had any luck with them other than king bait.:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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