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fishing report early 18 nov 07

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Went fishing at daybreak at bear creek marina on eglin afb this was the best i ve had inshore all year. Caught and released over 30 redfish in the 13-17in range and caught 2 in the slot (kept 1) all in just over 2 hours. They ate everything i threw to them...dead shrimp, live shrimp and a 1/4 once white bucktail jig. I also caught a little black snapper and a black drum and saw a huge (10lbs+) sheephead, but was busy fighting a red and never got a chance to get a bait to him. No flounder today, but the baits never had a chance to find one really:) saw a few nice trout breaking also but didnt get a bite from them..again i think the reds were eating the baits before anyone else had a chance. Most of the time i couldnt even fish 2 rods at once since by the time i baited one the other had a fish on. Still alot of pinfish around, but only lost 2 shrimp to pinfish, and caught one of those as well, big old bastard musta weighed a lb, lb and half. I would think its safe to say reds are in their winter mode, meaning they are at the mouths of fresh water outflows/creek or rivermouths. larger red of the day was about 21in and i caught him on 'accident'. i had reeled in one of the lines so that i could check the bait and saw it was still there but torn in half. i left it where it was to let the pinfish clean my hook for me and started baiting te other hook when i saw the pinfish dart away and my line started screaming:) All in all a great 2 hr day of fishing:)
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nice :clap
dont we wish they could all be like that! congrats on some great fishing! make a note of all the conditions and try to predict it again.
how is the flounder fishing there around this time?
Went back again this morning 19nov and had another good day- 12 reds released and 2 more smallish black drums also released. ALOT more pinfish there today, mostly in the 6-8 in range so if anyone needs some good aj/grouper baits come and get them..please:) Used up another white bucktail jig, gonna have to start using plastics since they are cheaper/easier to change out:). largest fish today was a nice 24incher that finished off the ole bucktail, released him for another day. Still no flounder, this spot was producing lots of smallish flounder before but i guess they have moved on.
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