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Fishing maps for the Pensacola area

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Hello all... I will be visiting your fine area for a week in October... I plan on bringing my kayak and all of my wading gear for a full week of fishing... My family will all be going, but I will be the only one fishing, or kayaking for that matter...

With that said, I'm interested to find out your advice on which map provider to use in Pensacola... In my neck of the woods, we have the Hook N Line series of maps that even caters to the wader and kayaker... I've looked around for something similar in Florida, but I don't really see anything comparable... I hope I'm just not looking hard enough... Here is the type of map I'm referring to:

It lists the types of fish and their typical months of being in the area, places to launch kayaks, several fishing areas, etc. I've found this map of Pensacola:

It's just a generic map really... with depths and what-not... I'm not opposed to fishing freshwater, but my heart is with the saltwater for sure...

I'm going to do some perusing on other areas of the forum to get an idea for tackle, bait, etc. because I've never fished clear water before, so we'll see... I have all of the normal stuff, live bait rigs + popping corks, corky's, plastics of all colors, spoons, etc., so I'll be bringing all of that... If any of you fish regularly through the week, I'd love to be your guest on the water...

Anyway, appreciate the forum and any information you may offer... I've been to some forums where they wouldn't help you at all haha... Maybe they like to see you suffer? ;-) Thanks again! I'm absolutely pumped to fish new water... I just hope I can deal with the 60-80 degree weather with mid-70s degree water... I'm used to much warmer air and water temps for sure...
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as far as kayak launch points, Austin Kayaks website, under the community tab, search launchpoints, or they have an app for android phones. It covers this area fairly well it seems like.
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