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Hey, Mark.
I live at the mouth of the Bon Secour River, and would love to learn to fish the Magnolia. Without divulging any secrets, can you give some advice on catching reds and trout in the Magnolia River? Any stretches to try? Casting jigs and lures to docks and banks, or are some other techniques needed? I have a 'yak and a bay boat. Thanks!
Right now I fish after dark, and find dock lights close to the water. Use either real shrimp (dead or frozen), or an artificial shrimp (VooDoo, Savage Gear, Gulp, etc), or soft plastic on a jig head (I use a Zoom fluke in baby bass color). Stay in the shadows, cast beyond the light and work it slowly off the bottom into the light. Real shrimp can be thrown directly into the light - try to cast as close to the dock/pilings as possible without getting hung up. If in your kayak, when you hook up, tow the fish away from the dock so as not to scare others off.

Can also fish early morning to go after bull reds. Two spots - 1) Pelican Point in Weeks Bay, fish the ledge near the metal bulkhead on the opposite side from the boat launch. 2) On the Magnolia River at the intersection of Nolte Creek. I get to one of these spots about an hour before sunrise. I use a MirroLure C17MR suspending twitch bait - blue top, yellowish sides, white bottom. You can buy them at Walmart. Look for the bull reds hitting the top of the water and throw right at them. They'll hit it within the first few seconds it hits the water. Immediately before daybreak, you can try a topwater lure. Just after, I move to a Mirrolure SS52R (sinking twitch bait). As the morning wears on, I've had a tougher time catching them, so I try everything (popping cork, Yo Zuri shrimps, real shrimp, etc) with mixed success. But early morning I can almost always catch a bull red. It's a blast in the kayak.

Good luck!

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