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I haven't posted a lot but I have been on these boards since January and appreciate all the good tips, info, and stories.

I took my 6 year old son and launched out of Sanders Beach yesterday to try the bite around Ft Pickens. Had absolutely no luck. I saw a big school of something inside the jetties at Ft Mcrae blowing up the bait. They were there for about 30 seconds and disappeared. The tide was sucking out hard and the water was murky. It was a great day to be on the water but I didn't catch a thing.

I did see something large hit something small a few times a little east of the Ft Pickens pier. It broke water, was big, and grey. Could have been a porpoise but I didn't see them come up any more. I also didn't see any dorsal fins.

On the way back in, I saw a little bow rider stuck on the rocks outside of Bayou Chico inlet. When I first pulled up, the lower unit of his I/O was almost entirely out of the water. Within, 15 minutes, his boat was bone dry and this guy was absolutely stuck. He asked me to try pulling him off the rocks. I have a 19 Cape Horn with a 150. This attempt was futile at best but I tried without budging his boat. I asked the guy if I could bring him to shore but he declined. He had a cell phone, water, beer, etc. He planned on waiting for the tide switch to see if his prospects improved. I am curious to know if he was able to get free. I think high tide is 8:30 this am. If anyone launches out of Bayou Chico today. I would love to know if the poor guy got his boat free.


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