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Got this from Bob Zales. Thought those in the fight against SOs and the IFQ system might get as big a kick out of this as I did.


I received a copy of The 3rd quarter law enforcement report for 2009, which lists Southeast Settlements for NOAA Fisheries violators.

This info is from the NOAA GCEL Southeast Settlement Quarterly Report for the period July 1 thru Sept 30, 2009.

Case # SE0800102FM, Respondent Name is Dreamcatcher, Inc. and David Krebs, Jr., Vessel Name, NAN BALDWIN, Area, GOM, LE Unit, NMFS, Case Description, Fail to comply with requirements for observer coverage and/or fish without an observer (Gulf Reef Fish), Final Amount, $2,000.00.

For those who do not know Krebs, he is the guy (red snapper IFQ owner who reportedly owns the maximum amount allowed and fish house owner from Destin, FL) who was the Ocean Conservancy spokesperson publicly opposing the March on Washington and not wanting flexibility in the Magnuson Act.
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