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He22---No i have never been bitten by a gar---but 19/20 years ago i was fishing a Bass Tournament on the Upper Mobile Delta (crab creek) and my boating partner was a young man from Chula Vista Cal. He hooked a Needle Nose Gar about 30 in longand played with it some and before i could say "dont" had reached down and grabbed the "snout" and the gar did a fast twist-bad-very bad. We had to go to the Hospital and on the way meet the Marine Police who had a first aid kit--they did what they could and took him on to Cliffs Landing and from there to Bay Minette ala.--From there to Birmingham Al. and eventually to Atlanta Ga. It was months before he came back to work. The last time i saw him he had limited use of three fingers. Gars,Aligator or Needle Nose or other deserve a lot of respect--and get it from me.I went on to finish fishing the Tournament and did very good--but thats another story for another time. Thanks.
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