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The fish pictured is a...

A. Cobia

B. King Mackerel

C. What fish?

The fishing line used on this reel is an example of...

A. Monofilament

B. Braid

C. What reel?

Tjis angler is using a...

A. Spinning Reel

B. Conventional Reel

C. I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

The manufacturer of this reel is...

A. Shimano

B. Penn

C. Reel?

This fish is a member of the...

A. Jack Family

B. Snapper Family

C. Oh my god!

This is a _____________ Mackaral

A. Spanish

B. King

C. Lucky

These fish are on a...

A. Stringer

B. Stick

C. I see London...

This angler is fishing in...

A. Fresh Water

B. Salt Water

C. Hot Water

This is a _____ rod.

A. Fly

B. Spinning

C. She has no fly.

This angler is...

A. Wade fishing

B. Float fishing

C. Half Naked

This is a ______ Drum

A. Black

B. Red

C. Jailbait

These two are holding a _________ Shark.

A. Hammerhead

B. Great White

C. Happy

This redfish is...

A. Within slot

B. Illegal

C. Did you say something about a fish?

This angler is smiling because...

A. She has caught a tasty dinner.

B. She has won a tournament

C. She is hot.

This diver is holding a...

A. Spiny Lobster

B. Maine Lobster

C. The keys to my heart.

These lucky folks have landed a....

A. Red Snapper

B. Cubera Snapper

C. Sunburn

Very Nice...

A. Snook

B. Snake

C. Stripes

Shown here is a classic...

A. Penn

B. Okuma

C. Breast Augmentation

This is a ___________ Mackerel

A. King

B. Snake

C. Holy

Hammer Head sharks are

A. Aggressive

B. Friendly

C. Happy to die for this opportunity

A. Bass

B. Perch

C. Pert

Pink in known to be a very productive offshore color.

A. True

B. False

This angler is displaying a prized...

A. King Mackerel

B. Blue Fish

C. Set of Abs

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I thought you were going to ask ???...I thought this was a quiz???... Fine looking fisher-chicks right there!!!
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