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first time shark fishing out of destin, fl.

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looking for a little help, plan on huntig some kind of shark tomorrow prefferebly no further than a few miles out of the Destin east pass. ill be out on my 18' center console with a few poles rigged for shark. im going to chum it up with a 7 pound frozen chum block i got from bass pro and about 15 pounds of chopped up fish i got from a fish market in destin(15 pound snapper carcasses mostly).

My question is, are there any preffered spots to sit on? besides fishing the bridges ive never just sat out in the gulf. I've only shore fished for shark in texas and im assuming just drop the bait and wait about a mile from the shore line. any advice?
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I would set up on one of the public wrecks. Any of them should hold smaller sharks.
yes, i know thats where one of the closest wrecks are. i will probably chum all the way there from the jetty and set camp and wait. i hear of people catching sharks off the okaloosa pier which is only a 1/4 mile out.
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