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Good afternoon,

Today was my first time kayak fishing, pretty much an explorative venture to work out some kinks. And boy, were there kinks :D. That being said, it was a fun day.

Put in Big Lagoon about 0700 and didn't go too far from where I launched, just sticking in pier lanes. No huge action... tried topwater with no success and was steady with cut pinfish.

My question.. I caught two species I haven't seen before. They were both about 10", the first had a body shaped like a pyramid down the length of his body. His belly was light colored and dark on top. Whenever I pulled him above the water his belly would inflate pretty big and then deflate once I put him back in the water.

The second was brown with black vertical stripes about an inch thick. His body was more like a bass... I looked at an identification chart and the closest resemblance was a jewfish?

I know pictures would be helpful, but I didn't take a camera. Other than that, I just caught several pinfish and one small speckled trout. I can't seem to get over that hump into slot reds and legal speckled trout.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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