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After trying for around 2 months to catch these seemingly elusive creatures, we tried LIVE shrimp which made the world of difference!

Both our first redfish catches and both slot! (booyah!)
She goes to get her cigarettes and the black drum hits. Solo hand reeled that sucker in. :boxing:

Don't ask about the bluefish. My fishing buddy is crazy and keeps everything...
It was nice to get back and try it next to the more delicious species though for comparison.

G.B. side of bob sikes down at the very end. Both sides. live shrimp/30lb leader/2 oz egg weight on mine, 2oz "tourist rig" on hers.

Hope to catch some larger non-slots next...

Oh, and she will probably want me to mention that although I caught 2, hers is the BIGGER one (which she rubbed in all night while making obscene gestures lol)



1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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