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First attempt of the year, that is. Actually, last Monday was my first attempt. Doctor Ace and his wife drive up, on time, and we're ready to rock and roll. Before we leave, I like to crank the outboard so I don't get embarrassed at the ramp.

It won't crank. It won't even turn over. Sup with this? I just put a full charge...
"Hey, your running lights are on."


"How old is your battery?"
"Can't be very old... maybe a couple of years?"

"Says 2013 on the battery."

I did my Yosemite Sam impression while the good doctor and his wife scrambled for safety. They decided to reschedule our trip.

I bought a brand new cranking battery AND a brand new trolling motor battery and we are good to go. I take them to my best crappie spot and we got no bites. My second best spot produced ... no bites. I knew of another spot down the lake, so we go there. No bites.

I'm thinking I should have brought some worms - maybe catch a butterbean bream or something...

Wifey-poo opens her pie hole and says, "Why didn't we bring some worms?"

"Because we're CRAPPIE FISHING, stupid! Now go back there and sit down and try not to break anything!"

That went over real good, so I just picked out a good-looking bank and started tossing jigs. Oops, caught a bream. Oops, doc caught a yellow perch. Another bream and a nice spotted bass. We kept going back and forth over this bank until we had 10 fish: one yellow perch, two bream, three spotted bass, and four CRAPPIE!!!

And that wasn't the miracle. The miracle is they want to go again, soon.

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You got some great stories!!! It would be a hoot to fish or hunt with ya sometime!!!
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