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First Alabama stringer 9-22-12

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Mrs Sj1 and I went and got our nonresident Alabama fishing licenses last week, and took a trip to Leon Brooks Hines lake, over in Wing. This was our first ever Alabama fishing trip. I sold a rifle to fund our fishing for a year, including the licenses and new gear, so I was hoping to recoup some of that with some filets.

I was meat fishing with red worms, but my better half wanted bass. She has had her best luck with soft plastic artificials, and hooked one feisty little jumper, but it shook off.
I was planning at stopping with 6 bream, to make an even dozen fish sticks, but there was a really nice guy leaving who didn't like cleaning fish. He gave us the rest of our catch.
Stay tuned for the rest of the story in the Recipes section...


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