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Had to share my finished product. I used 2" square aluminum tubing (3/8" thick) for most of it and 1" solid square stock for the top rails to mount the Hulley Rollers and Hull cradles. The square tubing was in the discount bin at T&C, so I went 3/8" thick vs. lighter. Each mount sits on 2 x 2" aluminum angle and is attached to the side rail mount system via a lug and bolt slid into the side rail system. Works great!

We did manage to go out to Pickens today to piddle around. I wanted to see what the load/unloading would be like and to check out some rigging I did. Most worked pretty well. I need a quick release on my anchor trolley as I discovered. All in all, not to bad for a rooking.

See you guys out there.

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