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After diving regularly for 35 solid years..I took a small hiatus. Actually had to create a new fishing forum account!
Bad experience in the Keys put me in a mood toward diving along with a job layoff..(which turned out to be a blessing in disguise). All is good now and back on the saddle.

Nothing to put some excitement back into diving like some new gear...soo..Instead of dorking around with a new speargun..well I got one of those too....
I decided to go all out and take the plunge into ccr.
Now the proud owner of two Poseidon Mk VI rebreathers. With the exception of the thing trying to kill me on a 210 foot dive a few weeks ago..(pilot error..humbling experience to say the least..go figure) Ive been pretty pleased with them . Bit of a learning curve. Pretty awesome not making any sound or bubbles. And you don't have to keep an eye on your pressure gauge!


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